Mack Trucks

Mack is among America’s most iconic brands—one whose larger-than-life image has been nearly synonymous with trucking for over a century. VSA set out to help write the next chapter in their story. What began as a single project has evolved into a multifaceted agency-of-record partnership spanning brand strategy, identity and expression, advertising, direct response, digital, retail, environmental, sales and service experiences.


Bringing the Mack brand to life on the web meant creating an experience built for customers that also enabled continued growth. From responsive design to improved IA and content strategy to a focus on tailored messaging and offerings, every element is aimed at setting the industry standard for customer retention and lead generation.

Brand Identity

Revitalizing an iconic brand often means bringing greater clarity to assets that have been valued for decades. The new straightforward Mack logo speaks to a history of reliability and stands out in a category filled with artificial chrome badges. The bulldog symbol, drawn from the ornament that’s stood proudly on the hood of every Mack since the 1930s, has his eyes fixed confidently on the road ahead. Now, for perhaps the first time in Mack’s history, the logo and symbols we see in communications are the same we see on the product.

Brand Book

The Mack brand book captures the essence of the Mack brand ethos. It is designed to give the casual observer, inside or outside of the organization, a window into the authenticity and passion that serves as the foundation of the Mack brand.

Sales Collateral

New sales collateral for Mack takes a customer-centric point of view. Industry brochures lead with Mack’s strengths in customer specific industries and segments, and follow with product lines and models relevant to those unique customer needs.

Tradeshow Environment

The new booth system articulates the Mack brand and value proposition while introducing moments for customer experience engagement, product education and integrated lead generation.