Kleenex set out to put a little more care into the world and, along the way, change how people think about tissues. For more than 10 years, the brand and its competitors had been seeing consistent year-over-year decline in facial tissue sales. Kleenex turned to VSA Partners to help change the perception of the brand from a cold-and-flu wipe to something more emotional and universal.

Positioning Kleenex as a “gesture of care,” VSA Partners helped the brand launch an interactive “Careboard” billboard, a first-of-its-kind mood-based Facebook campaign and a series of TV spots and online videos, all with the same tagline: “Kleenex. Someone Needs One.”


To help Kleenex deliver care in a dramatic way, VSA created a Careboard—a 10-by 20-foot interactive billboard made up of usable Kleenex-brand tissues spelling out encouraging messages for people when they need them most. VSA and Kleenex identified appropriate situations in which the Careboards would pop up, including the celebration of a same-sex marriage and in public places during cold and flu season.

Online Videos

VSA collaborated with Kleenex and Kleenex’s media partner to craft documentary-style videos featuring compelling, real-life stories of people embodying caring behavior. All online videos were delivered via a first-to-market content partnership with the Facebook Creative Shop Studio.

To date, the online videos have garnered organic reach of 104,656,304 views (as of October 9, 2015).


VSA created an advertising platform that demonstrates the importance of taking the time to show someone—even a stranger—that you care. The multi-platform commercial program includes a series of TV spots that share this contagious message.

Website Design

VSA helped Kleenex keep a consistent user experience by extending the program online. At Kleenex.com, consumers can share a message of care via the Kleenex digital Careboard, view additional program content and receive product discounts.