A global campaign that hits home


Finding a balance between specificity and flexibility.

With openings of new Cloud regions around the world, Google Cloud wanted to create a campaign that announced their presence and underscored two primary user benefits: confirmation that Google is committed to their region, and that the data centers provide lower latency and greater reliability in their areas. They engaged our team to create a repeatable system, built around a consistent message that was flexible enough to apply to local markets.


A global system, handcrafted for each region.

To amplify Google Cloud’s message, we worked with regional teams to develop visual and copy elements, which incorporated imagery and language specific to each local region but also had global appeal. Using custom design elements created by photographing physical cut-paper objects and cityscapes, we created print, digital, and out-of-home communications and content that celebrated each region’s local culture. The bespoke, handcrafted nature of the designs communicated Google Cloud’s attention to detail as well as their commitment to amplifying and supporting the best elements of each launch region.

Our work included

  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Design System
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Digital Marketing
  • Out-Of-Home
  • Print Advertising