CME Group

CME Group is the largest derivatives exchange in the word—with leading products and platforms that drive the global economy. In order to influence customers, employees and policymakers about its critical role in the world, VSA has helped CME Group redefine its highest-order purpose. Spanning across various branding and marketing projects, the revised positioning communicates CME Group’s influence as one of the world’s fastest-growing financial exchanges and the most valuable stock exchange brand in the world.

As CME Group’s 10-year agency of record, VSA engages directly with the company’s communications and C-level leadership to align business strategy with brand strategy, along with establishing a multi-year program of internal communications, sales collateral systems, corporate advertising, events, thought-leadership, websites,films and partner agency direction.

Most recently, CME Group and VSA have created a retail campaign, which targets retail futures traders by inviting them to “learn futures today.” Within the first four months of the campaign, 17,000 additional individuals are now trading futures. The success of this campaign was attributed with a Platinum recognition the 2017 Hermes Creative awards.

Brand definition

To support employee engagement and organization change during an $11 billion merger, VSA designed a series of rebranding communication tools from leadership to employees.

Global Financial Leadership Conference

To secure CME Group’s position as a global thought leader, VSA partnered with the brand to strategize, plan and launch the company’s annual Global Financial Leadership Conference — one of the world’s most preeminent financial gatherings. The GFLC’s agenda brings together a select lineup of the world’s top financial leaders, political figureheads and policymakers to talk about the issues and ideas driving the global economy. Speakers have included former British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the entire George W. Bush family, the Clintons, Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condoleezza Rice and Madeleine Albright, to name a few. In addition to the entire conference experience, VSA created a proprietary app for the event, which enables participants to engage in speaker discussions in real time and plan their activities throughout the event.

National Television Spot

Featuring business magnate Richard Branson and LPGA player Brittany Lincicome, this 30-second television commercial showcases CME Group’s global reach in markets around the world.

Corporate Advertising [Advance Campaign]

CME Group’s television campaign underscores the confidence to move forward and CME’s role in helping the world advance. Visit

Open Markets blog

This financial blog was created to centralize and broadcast CME’s public voice, with news, commentary and content that fuels dialogue with more than 750,000 Twitter followers. Visit Open Markets.

Education Campaign

Over the past several years, CME Group has focused on general education of not only what the exchange makes possible, but also how of how the derivatives industry impacts everyday life. In 2014, VSA launched a new public education website for CME Group to tell the stories, through interactive and video-based formats, of the futures industry.

Client Testimony

With 10+ years of partnership under our belt, we sat down with Anita Liskey, Managing Director, Corporate Marketing and Communications at CME Group, to talk about what it looks like to work together and the many things we’ve made throughout our relationship.