Few enterprises come close to GE in terms of heritage or sweeping scope. But the real story of GE—and VSA’s relationship with the company—is the story of a client in a state of constant reinvention as it strives for new growth, scale and impact. Once prized for its ability to simply bring good things to life, GE now is positioned as the company that solves the world’s toughest challenges. Far from just a manufacturer of consumer goods, GE has diversified and enlarged its sphere of operations to encompass the drivers of the world itself: energy, manufacturing, healthcare and finance. VSA has engaged leadership of multiple, multi-billion-dollar GE operating companies to align brand expression and strategic messages from the corporation to the business units.

GE Energy experience center

Being one of the world’s largest energy infrastructure companies gives GE the opportunity—and responsibility—to lead a dialogue about helping make energy delivery smarter, greener and more efficient. VSA worked with GE’s Energy business to create a multi-layered, interactive and dimensional experience to engage stakeholders from the industry, regulatory bodies and the general public on the promise of smart grid technology.

GE Healthcare brand expression

Guiding and managing the GE Healthcare brand globally involves creation and stewardship of its visual expression across media and channels, including environmental design for trade events, sales materials and motion production across the company’s entire global portfolio.

Sales enablement

VSA’s iPad apps for GE Healthcare provide multidimensional, hands-on storytelling for radiologists, incorporating patient experience testimonials, clinical images and ROI calculators. Complementing these tools are trade-show environments that also add interactivity and human storytelling to the customer experience.

GE Healthcare website

With a global reach and dozens of autonomous P&Ls to unify, GE Healthcare’s website has to do a lot of heavy lifting. VSA brought a combination of user experience insight, design and content strategy to implement a single, replicable process for ongoing content deployment by more than 40 stakeholders across the globe. Visit GE Healthcare.

Workforce engagement

The Meet GE public-facing site created a platform for GE’s more than 300,000 employees to express themselves, connect with one another and showcase the people helping solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.