Country Time

Years ago, Country Time lemonade was associated with the comforting image of a grandpa sitting on a porch, sipping his refreshing drink. Then the brand went quiet. Cut to 2015—just as Country Time was preparing to launch a new product, Country Time Lemonade Starter, it faced a problem. After 14 years, the marketplace had become saturated with myriad easy, ready-to-drink products, and bringing back grandpa wasn’t going to attract the audience that Country Time needed: busy moms who had become accustomed to simply unscrewing a bottle cap. How could the brand capture that special Country Time moment in a meaningful way, while attracting a modern audience?

VSA identified the brand’s strategic value customers, called “Bond Builders,” whom we got to know through in-home interviews and ethnographies. These moms were driven to bring together their inner circle of family and close friends, whom they called “their people.” We discovered that while their lives were indeed hectic, they deeply treasured those moments when time stood still with their families, such as when everyone gathered around a pitcher of freshly made lemonade. Inspired by the notion of catching a moment before it is lost, VSA built an entire marketing ecosystem around the creative catalyst “Take Time to Make Country Time.” This included digital strategy, website redesign, online advertising, TV advertisements and brand activation with Country Time’s Mobile Front Porch Tour. Through integrated storytelling, Country Time came to represent that moment when time uncannily stands still—if only fleetingly.


Country Time aired its first commercial for Country Time Lemonade Starter after 14 years off the air. VSA created a series of 30 and 15 second TV spots, showing a heartwarming scene of a magical family vacation, all encouraging viewers to “Take Time to Make Country Time.”

Website Design

The spirit of the new campaign was carried through a responsively designed brand website. Upon landing on the Country Time homepage, users are greeted with a GIF of a peaceful moment on the same lake where the commercial was filmed. The website then provides simple instructions to show consumers how to make lemonade with the new product—“Flip, Pour, Stir.”

Brand Activation

The mobile Front Porch is a pop-up experience that appeared at grocery stores, beaches and outdoor concerts to sample and educate people on the new Country Time Lemonade Starter.