Cole Haan

A global lifestyle brand, Cole Haan has one foot in the world of classic style and the other in sophistication, modernity and irreverence—a juxtaposition that’s completely by design. Its consumers are considered creative pioneers of an individual American style, building from a foundation of classics and adapting their own discoveries to both distinguish themselves and to belong.

VSA’s relationship with Cole Haan began with an assignment to help brand and package a new collection—Cole, Rood & Haan—aimed at younger, image-conscious consumers and sold at specialty retailers. From there, it blossomed into a collaboration that crossed media and channels, from brand strategy and positioning to website, visual identity, advertising and catalogs. Every touchpoint encouraged Cole Haan consumers to build a style that disrupted tradition and fueled their individualism.

“Cole Haan on Brand”

This short film explores the collision of tradition and modernity that defines Cole Haan, as narrated by David Maddocks, Chief Marketing Officer. It examines the company’s legacy as an iconic American brand and a keeper of values of authenticity, quality and substance across generations—and what it means to intersect with consumers from a place of meaning, not merely fashion.

Brand identity

The redesigned needle logo was updated for modern functionality with clean lines and a custom, proprietary typeface. The premium, craft-based feel of the product line comes through in the choice of packaging and in fresh application of the logo.

Product website [Cole, Rood & Haan site]

Featuring the work of photographer Todd Selby, the site was designed to emphasize Cole, Rood & Haan’s back-to-its-roots, vintage-inspired essence, and focused on New York City entrepreneurs.

Consumer campaign

The Inspired Life campaign featured driven, intriguing men and women instead of professional models, honoring people who make their mark on the real world with their creativity and style. Within, VSA conceived and designed an Inspired Life microsite around a spring collection.