Cargill is a distinguished American company: global in reach, broad in offerings, and still family-owned after nearly 150 years in business. But it had never unified its enterprise—142,000 people in 65 countries serving nine stakeholder groups—under a single, compelling masterbrand. Over 18 months of close and intense partnership, VSA and Cargill built a global brand expression and system that articulated a concise brand promise for a range of constituents while providing a versatile visual vocabulary.

Brand Activation Workshops

VSA worked with Cargill to design and facilitate a series of nine in-person workshops to activate the brand across a range of businesses and geographies. More than 300 team members across marketing, brand and communications participated in two-day sessions, engaging deeply with the new system while building value propositions and proof points for their areas of responsibility. Spanning four continents, the effort helped unify the organization while making the brand real and actionable prior to its launch.

Brand Expression System

The new system had to be versatile enough to express a variety of businesses, geographies and stakeholder needs—but also practical in its application. VSA armed Cargill with a rich set of tools to ensure the system could be applied globally in a consistent, strategically sound way. We built detailed guidelines and templates spanning a range of digital and physical applications, along with conducting global photo shoots to gather on-brand assets.

Employee Launch

Cargill recognized that engaging its 140,000 employees was a critical step in bringing the evolved brand to life. VSA created a variety of tools enabling local teams to launch the brand with global consistency and local relevance. From an employee video series to educational artifacts to a rich set of workplace branding elements and templates, VSA equipped a diverse population with the means to understand, celebrate and live the brand immediately.

Cargill employee launch
Cargill employee launch
Cargill employee launch
Cargill employee launch

Animated Market Center

Located in a main lobby of Cargill’s corporate headquarters, the animated market center serves to educate bypassing employees and visiting stakeholders on the role Cargill places in creating a variety of food products that serve people around the world. VSA partnered with Carill to design this interactive, multi-touch kiosk experience, emphasizing areas where the company plays a vital role in the development of food products from start to finish.