Breckenridge Brewery

After becoming a member of AB InBev’s The High End craft brewery portfolio in 2016, Breckenridge Brewery needed to prepare itself for national launch. This meant finding a way to ensure that its beers stood apart on the shelves while staying true to its roots as one of Colorado’s first craft breweries.

VSA worked with Breckenridge to envision the future of the brewery and portfolio of specially crafted beers—the first step in which was finessing the Breckenridge logo and updating the packaging for its mainline and seasonal brews.

In order to maintain the sense of craftsmanship and continue to pay homage to the iconic Rockies portrayed on Breckenridge’s current packaging, VSA began working from the existing color schemes and key elements unique to each brew (such as the sugar skull seen on the Agave Wheat Ale and the grinning crescent moon displayed on the Oatmeal Stout). However, updates to overall color palette, typography and other elements helped modernize the look and feel of each brew. Then, VSA brought on German illustrator Florian Schommer to help bring to life and finesse these re-imagined designs.

The resulting designs reflect a unified concept that captures the personality and heritage of Breckenridge Brewery while emanating a modern edge to stand out from competing brews. The new designs are seen on both the primary packaging (bottles and cans) and secondary packaging (cartons and cases). Within the first four months of launch, the packaging has been accredited for over 40% growth in the brewery’s sales.

Packaging Designs

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