Avery Dennison

Facing a commodity marketplace and a flat growth trajectory, Avery Dennison began a reinvention of its purpose and brand in the late 2000s. VSA collaborated with the C-suite leadership of this $6 billion global company to articulate its vision and strategic agenda, and establish a roadmap for multiple years of transformation communications and B2B marketing. This agenda was activated comprehensively across internal and external channels and media, including websites, video, applications, sales enablement, events and tradeshows, speechwriting, visual identity and tagline, employment brand and other elements. An entirely new business, Avery Dennison Medical Solutions, was created in the transformation.


With both business-to-business and consumer audiences to reach, Avery Dennison sought to facilitate more human interaction through its site while asserting its new solutions-oriented brand platform. VSA helped create processes to ensure content owners across the globe could easily manage and update material as-needed. The user interface is designed for clarity and engagement across platforms and devices. Visit Avery Dennison.

Sales Enablement

Breakthrough technology offered by a new business presented specific sales-enablement challenges when Avery Dennison Medical Solutions introduced Metria. This innovative lifestyle monitoring product monitors and transmits physiological information for various health, wellness and clinical applications. To reflect this technological leap forward, VSA created a swipe-motion-oriented app that explained complex product functionality in a very visual, intuitively interactive way. For salespeople who had previously resisted using their iPads, the Metria app equipped them to comfortably present and sell using technology.


VSA’s design for the Avery Dennison Medical Solutions tradeshow presence brought brand consistency and marketplace credibility to this start-up business unit. While fitting the prescribed footprint for the tradeshow floor, the design maximized the visual real estate available to break away from–and above–competitors’ installations in this crowded environment.

Product Finder

Burdened by an unwieldy catalog of thousands of products and no intuitive way for consumers or sales people to find a specific product, Avery Dennison worked with VSA to create an interface tied to its database that enabled robust search and selection functionality. Accessible via desktop, laptop or tablet, the finder allows users to quickly identify relevant options by product type, use case, benefit and other criteria.