2 Gingers Irish Whiskey

In the world of Irish whiskey, 2 Gingers was a relative unknown—the newcomer in a stodgy category dominated by one player. We set out to inspire whiskey drinkers who default to the only Irish whiskey they know (you know the one), to choose differently by choosing 2 Gingers.

Our campaign was designed to capture the fiery, adventurous spirit of the founder’s mother, Mary, and his Aunt Delia (the original two gingers) and celebrate the whiskey’s smooth taste and mixability. The reason to believe? While traditional Irish whiskies distill their liquid three times, 2 Gingers uses a unique double-distillation process that maintains the flavor of the liquid and makes it more mixable in a variety of cocktails.

Three posters make up the campaign. Each celebrates one of three drinks—On the Rocks, the Big Ginger and the Old Fashioned—and gives the recipe, short and sweet, in text under the logo. Backgrounds for the posters were shot on location in Ireland; overall styling and atmosphere reflect Mary and Delia’s bold personalities and the untamed Irish landscape. And, to further drive home its genuine Irish spirit, 2 Gingers OOH advertisements were shared throughout Chicago amid the city’s popular Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Through provocative visual representations of 2 Gingers, we let the world know that there is a refreshing new choice in a category full of stale, centuries-old brand relics.

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey Poster Series

A series of three posters features provocative visualizations of classic whiskey cocktails, reflecting the bold personalities of founders Delia and Mary.

2 Gingers Irish Whiskey Out-of-Home

During Chicago’s popular Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, an eye-catching out-of-home advertisement sporting 2 Gingers’ signature red heads amongst a sea of green was displayed in the heart of the city.