VSA’s Bill Rosen explores the merging of data science and creativity—and its impact

As part of Innovation Insights, Wired Magazine’s community site featuring thought leaders around the world sharing ideas on innovation in business and technology, VSA’s Consumer Marketing Practice Lead William Rosen shared his thoughts on the intersection of predictive analytics and creative direction. “Modeling Inspiration: Where Data Science and Creativity Meet” is a newly-published article discussing how increasing intersections between these two areas result in new and interesting abilities for creative agencies. Among them: predictively informing creative directions, creating data sharing opportunities, targeting creative executions and optimizing creativity predictively. Additional insights and contributions in the article came from Pat Palmer, Strategy & Analytics Lead, and Charlie Hammerslough, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Analytics in the Consumer Marketing Practice .

What does this change mean for clients? From Rosen’s article: “While many companies continue down the traditional road of ‘mass advertising,’ more and more are taking advantage of the growing opportunity to better understand, reach and engage their brands’ potential consumers and advocates. For them, the result has been a sea change in how the industry’s creative products are conceived, implemented and measured—from on-line advertising, mobile applications and websites to broadcast spots, print ads and events.”

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Cover image by Ross Patton for Innovation Insights/Wired Magazine.