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Image of 2 GINGERS posters

VSA’s 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey Poster Series Featured in Communication Arts Annual Advertising Awards


VSA is honored to be awarded in the Communication Arts: Advertising Annual 57 for our campaign for 2 GINGERS Irish Whiskey. With the largest global circulation of any trade journal on visual communications, the 57th Communication Arts Advertising Awards saw over 3,500 entries, each critiqued by a panel of internationally-recognized judges. Chosen as one of only 138 winning works, the 2 GINGERS three-poster series features unique twists on classic whiskey cocktails, while incorporating the brand’s unique character as an Irish whiskey.

In the world of Irish whiskey, 2 GINGERS was relatively unknown; the newcomer in a stodgy category that’s been dominated by the same names for centuries. This light-hearted campaign set out to encourage whiskey-drinkers to chose differently by choosing 2 GINGERS.

Designed to capture the fiery spirits of the founder’s mother and aunt (the original “two gingers”), while simultaneously capitalizing on the drink’s mixability and supreme quality, the posters take a quirky approach to traditional whiskey cocktails. But what about 2 GINGERS sets it apart? While traditional Irish whiskies are distilled three times, 2 GINGERS uses a unique double-distillation process that maintains the flavor of the liquid and makes it more mixable in a variety of cocktails.

Three posters make up the campaign: “Old Fashioned,” “On the Rocks,” and “Big Ginger” which portray the two redheads in fun, eye-catching settings, shot on-location in Ireland to translate the genuine commitment to the taste and feel of true Irish whiskey.

Through these provocative visual representations, we let the world know that 2 GINGERS is a refreshing new choice in a category full of centuries-old brand relics. The work can be seen in print, outdoor, social, retail and in bars.

“It feels great to be recognized by one of the most exclusive advertising competition in the world,” Executive Creative Director, Bob Winter shared. “And it’s proof that design-thinking can make a lot of cool things in a lot of different categories. The 2 GINGERS campaign was a ton of fun for us to work on, and this shows that taking an unconventional approach to a category rooted in tradition can pay off if you execute it well.”

To view all of the winners of the Communication Arts Advertising Annual 57, order the November/December issue online.