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The Agile Brand at Masterclassing New York


VSA Partner and Digital Discipline lead, Cory Clarke, spoke at the Digital Brand Masterclassing event in New York Tuesday, July 14. The Masterclassing series offers senior client-side executives the opportunity to explore ways they can deploy the latest marketing tools to generate new business and retail loyal customers across all touch points. Core themes of the event will include mobile apps, search and ecommerce strategies, social media, and CRM and affiliate marketing.

Clarke presented “The Agile Brand,” explaining how an agile approach is iterative and measurable, resulting in innovative digital solution for clients. Using this approach, VSA is able adjust to continuous change throughout a learn-and-launch process. Using data and the user aids in the evolution of channels and the brand. Clarke says the agile approach “delivers value, not messaging.”

VSA has done some very innovative digital work using Agile Iteration for Fontainebleau, Kraft and IBM to name a few.