Dinner with Peter Ross

For his latest portrait series, Peter Ross collaborated with VSA Partners’ New York office to host a very unusual dinner party.

In 2010 Ross invited 21 inspiring New Yorkers to his table—the workbench, counter and tabletop he uses every day in his Bowery studio. He asked each of them the same question: “If you could have dinner with five people, living or dead, who would they be?”

Capturing the rhythm of a dinner party conversation, “The Table Series” engages the artists in a dialogue across time and space. VSA designed the accompanying 20-page tabloid-sized daily as a lasting testament to the ephemeral.

Peter Ross is a portrait photographer based in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. His other works include William S. Burroughs: Objects from The Bunker, Spiritualists and Brains. See Peter’s work here.

Thanks to Mohawk Paper and Fox Company Lithographers in Milwaukee, whose paper and printing bring Peter’s photos vividly to life.