The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago Launches Campaign to Celebrate Curiosity

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) recently launched a new campaign in collaboration with VSA Partners. Titled “Long Live Curiosity,” the work aims to spark a sense of wonder by asking provocative questions about science, life and everything in between. Campaign elements include OOH, radio, print and digital, and will be placed throughout Chicago.

“With the increased public discourse around science and scientific discovery, we believe it’s critical to reignite our collective sense of curiosity by questioning the world around us,” said Matt Simpson, MSI’s chief marketing officer. “The Museum—and the world at large—is filled with life-changing examples of the good that comes from asking ‘why’ and ‘what if,’ and we’re excited to continue to serve as a place where curiosity lives and find new ways for it to be rewarded and celebrated.”

Developed in partnership with VSA, a new brand narrative grounds the integrated program, bringing to life the Museum’s mission to “inspire the inventive genius in everyone” by posing thought-provoking questions about everyday subjects. The work is the first manifestation of MSI’s new positioning, which is built on a brand-first consumer experience rather than exhibit-first focus – a divergence from the category norm.

“MSI is a really unique and special place,” shared Bob Winter, Partner and Executive Creative Director at VSA Partners. “More than just a building full of really cool experiences, they want to take on a bigger mission to inspire and ignite curiosity—to provoke people to think about and see the world in a new way. We’re so excited to be part of that.”

Aiming to draw more visitors to the Museum, the work will run through late summer, with the new brand positioning to drive long-term campaign efforts. The campaign also serves to communicate the uniquely immersive and tangible learning experiences offered at MSI, which underscores the Museum’s mission to inspire the inventive genius in everyone.

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