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Press release

Investing in Change: The WOMN ETF Launch Campaign


Putting the power to empower women in everyone’s hands.


Together with our clients, the YWCA and Impact Shares, we recently launched a new campaign to promote their Women’s Empowerment Exchange Traded Fund (NYSE: WOMN)

The WOMN fund gives investors an easy way to put their money where their mouths – and hearts – are. Made up of 200 US-based companies who have passed a set of 19 gender-focused criteria, the net proceeds of the fund will be donated back to the YWCA to arm them with the capital to help carry out their 160 year old mission to eliminate racism and empower women everywhere.

The goal of both Impact Shares and the YWCA with the WOMN ETF is twofold: To make a profit while at the same time creating a ripple effect of everlasting change in the financial world, within corporations and throughout society.

To get the word out about this new transformative approach to investing, we partnered with photographer Art Streiber to capture powerful portraits of empowered women and paired them with our own unique “stock tickers”. Thanks to the actions taken by the companies that make up the WOMN ETF, things like sexism, harassment and discrimination in the workplace are seeing a decline.

At time of launch, the work will appear on digital billboards in Times Square, as a four-page cover wrap on Time’s “Person of the Year” issue, as well as a complete takeover of the Wall Street Subway station – right outside the Exchange itself.

Want to learn more? Visit and talk with your financial advisor.