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Impact Shares Launches Socially Responsible ETFs


Impact Shares has launched its ETF platform focused on aligning capital investing with social change.  Bringing something unique to the marketplace, Impact Shares partners with leading nonprofits to leverage their knowledge and expertise specific to certain areas of social concern. Reflecting each nonprofits’ values and mission, the profits from each ETF go directly back to these organizations, making money go further and do more. Simply put: Impact Shares’ main goal is to transform the face of impact investing by enabling these nonprofits to translate their social values into investable products that are traded on the NYSE.

The first ETF (NACP) launched July 14th, with Impact Shares partnering with the NAACP.  In the fund are US companies with strong racial and ethnic diversity policies in place, empowering employees irrespective of their race or nationality.  

The second ETF (WOMN) will launch August 27th, in partnership with YWCA. In this fund are 200 US-based companies that are making significant efforts in supporting women’s empowerment and equality.

Throughout the launch of Impact Shares—along with both individual ETFs—VSA has served as the branding and marketing partner, including the redesigned Impact Shares logo, brand story and launch materials. The partnership continues with specific focus on the WOMN ETF, which will include its own brand story, investor relations, advertising campaign and media planning/buying.

To learn more about Impact Shares, find recent news from Bloomberg, FOX Business, and Financial Advisor.