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Enhancing CME Group’s Futures Fundamentals Website


In 2014, VSA helped CME Group launch their Futures Fundamentals website. The website set out to help audiences better understand the role of futures and how the global market impacts their everyday lives—in essence, make the complex landscape a bit simpler. Since then, VSA uncovered that the most frequent visitors are ages 18-35, meaning CME had an untapped opportunity to better engage with this young emerging group of students and professionals.

“We recognized a need to fill a void outside of the derivatives industry about what we do and how it impacts everyday life,” Stated Colleen Lazar, Senior Marketing Director at CME Group. “Partnering with VSA enabled us to tap into their creative and technical expertise to create a rich, dynamic user experience that serves as a front door to CME Group for educating a wide range of audiences both inside and outside of our industry.”

The responsive site incorporates interactive elements such as videos, playful animations, easy-to-read content and positive user experiences. All visual elements have been moved to the top of pages to more quickly engage users and featured animations have been incorporated through all pages to create unification.

Special to the new site is a “For Educators” section that pulls together easily accessible content for use in high school and college classrooms. This addition aims to expand the accessibility of the website material beyond the site itself, creating further educational impact.

The new website launched on June 7, and CME Group has already seen significant increase in all engagement metrics across the site.