Design Thinking at Masterclassing Chicago with VSA’s Nicholas Cavet

Earlier today, 40 senior marketing executives gathered to attend Chicago’s Digital Brand Masterclassing event. The Masterclassing series offers senior client-side executives the opportunity to explore ways they can deploy the latest marketing tools to generate new business and retain loyal customers across all touch points.

The event focused on top branding trends of 2015, emerging digital marketing applications and case studies from consumer packaged goods, automotive and information technology brands. Topics included: predictive modeling, pricing optimization, predictive content optimization, dynamic creative and innovative consumer research methods.

VSA’s Associate Partner/Strategy Director Nicholas Cavet presented “Design Thinking: Branding Trends and Marketing Applications,” demonstrating the importance of developing a strong brand and leveraging a digital strategy to activate that brand in the marketplace. “Digital is no longer just a marketing channel for consideration. It is a utility—the circulatory system of the modern economy,” says Cavet. “Brands that embrace this change via consumer-centric digital strategy will thrive; brands that sit on the sidelines may never catch up.”