VSA helps Country Time unveil its latest product

Today, Country Time aired its first commercial in 14 years for its new product, Country Time Lemonade Starter—and VSA played a big part in making that happen. The commercial, a heartwarming scene of a family lake vacation, is part of a bigger campaign that includes online and TV advertisements, a new website, and events, all centered around the message to “Take Time to Make Country Time.”

The campaign shows the easy-to-use beverage starter in action while speaking to every mom’s deep desire to create lasting family memories. “There’s a moment where things slow down, where you become uninhibited and free and everything else kind of melts away. Those moments are pretty hard to come by these days,” says Bob Winter, executive creative director at VSA Partners. “We wanted to remind people they’re still there, waiting for you. That’s what Country Time is—a different kind of time.”

Education is a critical part of the launch for this new liquid-concentrate beverage mix. The simplicity of making lemonade with Country Time Lemonade Starter is communicated throughout the campaign with the words “Flip, Pour, Stir,” and a simple graphic illustration. “Helping consumers understand the ease of using the product is crucial in inspiring them to buy,” says Joe Nio, associate partner and director of consumer marketing strategy at VSA Partners.

The redesigned website and online and TV advertisements launch today, March 30. In the months to come, Country Time will also start a Mobile Front Porch Summer Tour—a pop-up front porch that will appear at retail stores, concerts and beaches—to distribute one million product samples in key markets across the U.S.

Visit the new Country Time website here.