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AI+Design Episode 3: Generative Design


Machine learning is enabling designers and product developers to solve problems typically left to humans. With this shift, we’re considering the evolution of the design thinking process to improve AI. How can we ensure that AI is still creating “good design” without us? And what does this mean for future designers?

In the third episode of AI+Design, we sit down with Paul Sohi from Autodesk. Not only is Paul a firm believer in the design thinking process, but his work focuses on design research, exploring how established processes are being transformed by machine learning technology.

Episode 3 Takeaways:

  1. Definition and understanding of Generative Design
  2. Disruptive ways in which Autodesk is using Generative Design
  3. The evolution of the design thinking process
  4. Discussion of classic design elements—symmetry, balance, contrast—and how that applies to Generative Design

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