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March 12, 2024

Jessica Sochol Featured on AdForum

Jessica explores the growth of retail media, and how it affects customer experience

VSA’s Jessica Sochol was recently interviewed by AdForum to give insights on the expansion of retail media. During the interview, she discusses the reasons and trends behind the boom of retail media, how retail brands can adapt and use new technologies to improve customer experience, and what that means for brick and mortar locations.

Jessica points to three trends that have propelled the growth of retail media: the rise of retail content creation, the explosion of the digital big-box retailer, and the rise of social media marketing.

She also shares how brands can use personalization to supercharge their CX:

“​​Brands need to get their data in order, ensuring every customer interaction treats the customer like you’ve met before. That means remembering previous orders, recommending related, relevant products, and offering unique customer service and offers that recognize the existing relationship. As retailers expand their media arms, they have access to more data — especially around the topics and issues each customer cares about — and should be ready to use that information to show up in a way that says, ‘We see you, and we appreciate you.’”

Click here to check out the full article, which includes additional insights about designing retail experiences for Gen Z and Gen A as well as how to create a powerful physical-digital connection between customer experiences.

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Jessica Sochol

Associate Partner, Strategy

Everyday, Jess frames, defines and brings to life the indescribable. At VSA, she’s researched, workshopped and story-told her way across the most nascent tech and far reaching brands: Nike, Google, Kiehl’s, NVIDIA, Fidelity Investments. With in-house and agency experience, Jess is at her best when uncovering the human truth driving a brand and bringing it to life for real people, always aligning business goals and brand objectives. Prior to VSA, Jess created and led the content marketing program at Relationship Science, a big data SaaS firm in New York City. Before this, she was a writer with Siegel+Gale, the global brand experience firm. Jess holds a BS in Psychology and a second major in Professional Writing from Carnegie Mellon University.