August 3, 2023

Building ethical, accountable AI business practices

Ariadna Navarro featured on MarketScale

Chief Growth Officer Ariadna Navarro was recently featured on MarketScale, discussing her views on how businesses can move forward with integrating AI into their operations in an ethical and sustainable way.

Ari outlines her approach with four pillars: transparency, boundaries, accountability, and education.

Transparency means that clients need to know how it’s being used. However you’re using AI, and whatever business you’re in, ensure your partners are informed.

Boundaries entails outlining what AI can and cannot do or be used for. Despite the hype, it’s not the end-all-be-all solution to absolutely everything.

Accountability is the next pillar. What governance is in place for your use of AI? What are the checks and balances on the output before it becomes external-facing?

And finally, education—education to empower employees to learn how to use the different platforms, as well as to understand some of the consequences of poorly-managed AI.

Click this link to watch the interview.

Ariadna Navarro

Ariadna Navarro

Former Chief Growth Officer

Ariadna helps clients identify and unlock growth potential by connecting business strategy to brand and experience strategy as a way to relentlessly and cohesively deploy a company’s ambition. As Chief Growth Officer, she leads strategy, client engagement and business development. Acknowledging the connective tissue between what a brand is and what a brand does allows her to have a unique perspective on where markets are going, what clients need and how a brand can find a moment of differentiation in crowded markets.

Across these disciplines, you can find her working on projects from IBM to AT&T to Wayfair. Ariadna is relentlessly curious, whether figuring out the future of quantum computing or deeply understanding how a new acquisition fits within a company’s portfolio. She is passionate about politics and filmmaking, having earned a postgraduate degree in film. Ariadna joined VSA after heading up strategy at Interbrand. She is originally from Venezuela, and lives in New York with her husband and two kids.