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What are VSAers thankful for?


We at VSA have plenty to be thankful for, from amazing clients and colleagues, to an office snack bin that is generously replenished with just the right mix of healthy and regrettable options. As Thanksgiving approaches, we asked some of our people to share the things, big and small, for which they are grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Who are the people in these pictures?

Sarah Paulhus, Strategy
Hoang Truong, Design
Mike Walsh, Client Engagement
Courtney Schiffres, Consumer Marketing
Caroline Salis, Digital
Adam Brown, Client Engagement
Chris Stuart, Corporate Functions
Karen Semone, Digital
Claire Keys, Digital
Clifton Goins, Corporate Functions
Art Corbiere, Corporate Functions
Jan Kordylewski, Digital
Jessica Dillard, Digital
Jorge Hinojosa, Corporate Functions
Maria Zivoli, Corporate Functions