Ministry of White Space features Johnny Mei

Chicago’s VSA headquarters plays home to an artists gallery, called “Ministry of White Space,” where VSA creatives display their latest passion projects. The gallery is used to celebrate the artistic activities of our employees outside the office. This quarter, Senior Designer Johnny Mei is showcasing his installation, titled Selection of Recent Photographs.

The collection is a type of visual diary depicting scenes that are typically overlooked or thought of as unimportant. The images are part of a larger online collection from Mei’s website, Imperfect Day, that has work going back to 2003.

“Some of my most interesting objects come when I’m traveling,” says Mei. “I find photography relaxing and it forces me to critically look at my environment.”

Even more unique, Mei is gifting his pieces to fellow VSAers. “I had several requests whether my photographs were for sale,” says Mei. “Instead of selling the prints, I thought it was a nice gesture to simply share what I love with my colleagues. And it’s the holidays!”

Day to day, Mei designs corporate communications for VSA clients. Most recently, he’s been working with the Cargill team on the 150th anniversary project, which consists of digital, print and video.