Mind at Work: Production Design Director Stephanie Serpick

Whenever possible, we like to sit down with one of our creative minds at VSA to find out what inspires them. In a world where there’s constantly pressure to “produce, produce, produce,” it’s important to stop and reflect on the special people, places and things that actually drive our creativity.

Today, VSA Production Design Director Stephanie Serpick sheds light on the four things that inspire her and help her do what she does.

1. The other job

I paint. I’ve been making art my whole life, and I try to make painting a priority as much as possible. Making art is hard, and sometimes really does feel like a job, but it’s important to me, and I made the commitment to continue painting when I finished grad school back in 1996. For many years in my work life I’ve tried to downplay the importance of making art in my life, hoping that my employers would not think it’s going to affect my job. I’m so grateful that everybody at VSA is supportive and encouraging, and no one expects me to stop. (If you’re interested, my website is here [www.stephanieserpick.com])

2. Singing

I’ve been singing in choirs most of my adult life and enjoy having another creative outlet completely separate from work. I’m currently an alto in the West Village Chorale [http://westvillagechorale.org/]. The rigor of working out an especially difficult piece of music, and the reward that comes when you’ve learned it, is unparalleled. There’s also nothing like being surrounded by some amazing voices. As a bonus, I can depend on singing to tame my anxiety, and calm me down after a hard day.

3. Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is another way to calm my mind and focus my attention, as well as allowing me to multi-task. Like watching a good movie, I enjoy the escape of a good book. I often listen to audiobooks while painting in my studio, and the hours fly by.

4. The guys (Toby and Jasper)

The sane person inside me says I shouldn’t include them, but really, on a tough day, just thinking about these two helps me get through. For my whole life I never thought I’d get cats (because I liked them TOO much and didn’t want the attachment), and then life takes a turn, and now there’s these guys and it’s all over.