Four Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales

Whether you’re a CPG brand or big-box retailer, we’ll bet money that you have aggressive sales goals for the upcoming holiday season. Maybe you have already allocated your seasonal marketing budget, or maybe you have some room left to strategize—whatever the case, our experts offer a few tips to consider as we approach this high-stakes buying season.

Brand purpose has never mattered more.
An additional $2 billion is spent advertising online during the holiday rush, which means that the available attention for your brand’s voice is limited; your traditional ad tactics become less effective. The most important thing a brand can do is to understand its purpose. Don’t just inject yourself into a conversation—shift the conversation altogether. A great example of this is when REI closed its stores nationally for Black Friday, forcing customers and employees to “get out there” and enjoy nature instead. It clearly marked their brand purpose, generated a lot of earned media and didn’t rely on integrating into something that already exists.

– Max Braun, Digital Strategist

Capitalize on early shoppers.
Every year, you often hear complaints about the holidays starting earlier and earlier. How many times do you hear, “I can’t believe they’re already playing holiday music” in a store? But, there are people out there who like to get a head start—and the brands that can capture those folks can jump-start their holiday sales. So, invest early in holiday-related search terms, opposed to peak holiday shopping time. That way, you target the people who are truly interested without alienating the people that aren’t quite ready to break out the bells and garland.

– Mark Skroch, Associate Partner, Client Engagement

It’s all in the delivery.
Leverage your products and services in the right ways on the right social media platforms to increase your brand’s visibility and impact. With shoppable ads, it’s easier now than ever before to create a seamless path-to-purchase via social platform—Instagram’s ‘shop now’ button featured on sponsored posts is a great example. Consumers are more likely to be interested when they’re seeing your content in a way that applies to them and isn’t intrusive to their current activity. (Bonus points if they can pick up where they left off in their newsfeed post-purchase.)

– Alexa Kavanaugh, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Invest in free shipping.
It might seem a bit sophomoric, but free shipping is a highly-effective holiday sales tactic—especially when you’re looking to capture last-minute sales. According to a survey from eMarketer, 86% of digital shoppers ditched their carts due to the cost of shipping. Last-minute purchasers aren’t looking to drop a ton of cash on expedited shipping, and odds are, will find their items elsewhere if paying extra for fast shipping is their only option at a given retailer.

– Nick Cavet, Associate Partner, Digital Strategy