CME Group and VSA educate the world on futures

Futures Fundamentals is a new web portal from CME Group and, like their recent “Global Reach” TV spot, is another unique entry in CME Group’s quest to provide education on the role futures play in everyday life. The site was designed and developed by VSA Partners and publicly debuted late last month; since then, rave reviews and links have come from organizations like 4H and popular sites like Marginal Revolution and Abnormal Returns. Since its launch, the site has been viewed more than 40,000 times in 128 countries.

Futures Fundamentals takes information usually reserved for dense reports and presentation slides and presents it in lively—and occasionally playful—ways. The site’s easy navigation leads the viewer through futures basics (risk, macroeconomics, options); to discussions on futures’ impacts on universally recognized commodities like food, energy and mortgage rates; and to the regulatory and mathematic sides of futures trading. Tucked within articles between easily digestible paragraphs and downloadable PDF links are animations, illustrations, videos and real-world examples.

“VSA was instrumental in helping us research, develop and launch Futures Fundamentals,” said Colleen Lazar, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at CME Group. “The site exceeded our goal of explaining the vital role that global futures markets play in our everyday lives and making complex information clear and engaging. As a result, early response to the site has been tremendous.”

Visit the Futures Fundamentals site today for a beginner’s course in the role of futures markets or to get a thorough refresher. Articles on additional topics will be added regularly throughout 2014. And visit the CME Group site for a large repository of educational materials, current market data and ways to join CME Group’s Idea Exchange and further improve the site’s functionality for all users.