Ask a former intern: Designer Emily Hom-Nici

It’s that time of year again—internship-hunting season. Recent grads (and students) are looking for real-world experiences to help shape their career paths, and companies are welcoming young talent inside their doors for on-the-job opportunities that benefit both parties. At VSA, we pride our program on its ability to build the professional credentials of college students and recent graduates. Our interns work across branding, design, marketing, and technology on real projects for VSA clients. We aim to teach best practices from teams and mentors while building a professional network in a rapidly growing industry.

As VSA gears up for hiring summer 2016 interns (official internship postings will go live Friday, January 29), we will be publishing a series of Q&As with VSA-interns-turned-employees about their summer stints at the company. Here is what Emily Hom-Nici, an alum of our 2014 program, had to say.

Describe the culture of VSA using words that begin with V, S, and A:

Very Successful Artists

What helped you get through some of the more busy days at VSA?

Plugging into some fast paced music, standing up at my standing desk, and nodding my head/swaying to the beat.

What surprised you the most about your internship with VSA:

The pace at which everyone is putting out amazing work internally and to the client.

What made VSA stand out among other agencies you were looking at?

The ability to work in digital and print was a major factor—I wasn’t forced to choose. It’s also nice that VSA has multiple offices, hopefully allowing me flexibility to live other places in the future. The client list isn’t bad either!

What are some industry tips you learned while interning that you still use today?

Learn to work and create immediately. You don’t get the “project” and take it home to your room to work on it alone. You have to learn to be confident to work through your creative process the same day you get the brief and be fine with other people seeing it in various phases of done/conception.

I also learned the importance of attention to detail. Details matter.

And, everyone has to photo search at some point.