Marvin Brand Identity

Marvin is a premium window and door manufacturer that plays in an increasingly competitive and commoditized category. For more than 100 years, this family-owned and operated company has been known for a spirit of innovation and commitment to people—whether its customers, employees, neighbors or partners. Today, the company is committed to living out its purpose to imagine and create better ways of living, doubling down on a dedication to its customers and human-centered design.

In doing so, Marvin has focused on deeply understanding its customers to inform an evolution of its brand and customer experience. These efforts have led to a partnership with VSA Partners to help shape a reimagined brand strategy, reorganized product portfolio architecture and a redesigned brand identity and expression.

In creating the new logo, the team began by digging deep into Marvin’s historic roots of expression, examining decades of company communications. The team needed to respect the legacy without getting lost in it. There were crucial elements that had to be honored—like the symbol of the rose and optimistic yellow brand color. While these elements are foundational to the company, there was license to evolve them for a modern new identity.

The new identity maintains a familiar strong stance but is lighter with a refined design-forwardness. The all-caps wordmark evokes confidence and pride in the family name while details such as the letterform’s undulating weight and the subtle curve in the letter R leg suggest an air of sophistication and attention to detail. The new modern rose reflects the company’s optimism and warmth. And it was crafted with the needs of today’s multi-channel environments in mind—making it more versatile in applications from print and environmental to digital, motion and dimensional environments.

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