Cargill Employee Communications

For 150 years, Cargill has set the tone for global agricultural business. The company has 142,000 employees across 65 countries. They needed a master brand that could unify their enterprise and communicate their strengths. VSA partnered with Cargill to develop, design and launch this platform, named thrive. Cargill recognized that engaging all of its 142,000 employees was a critical step in bringing the platform to life. VSA created a variety of tools enabling local teams to launch the brand with global consistency and local relevance. From an employee video series and educational artifacts to a rich set of workplace branding elements and templates, VSA equipped a diverse population with the means to understand, celebrate and live the brand immediately. The launch first rolled out via two-day workshops held for more than 300 of Cargill’s marketing, brand and communications leaders. These internal brand ambassadors then took the materials home, passing along thrive to their teams.