Golden Road Brewing

Since its founding in 2011, Golden Road Brewing has embodied the spirit of Los Angeles and its people. And not long after its inception, the brewery was experiencing a major growth spurt. It was that moment that Golden Road needed a partner to redesign packaging and craft a thoughtful campaign to bring the brewery’s LA style to a national audience.

Golden Road Packaging

The new look evokes the brand’s bold and optimistic ethos, paying homage to its California heritage. Each can sports bright, pop-art inspired graphics and typeface, giving the brews an eclectic, stand-apart feel, while channeling Golden Road’s admiration for, and reflection of, LA’s spunk.

Golden Road Marketing Campaign

Golden Road aspires to be the beer that truly embodies LA’s optimism and ambition. VSA brought that idea to life through a video spot that mirrors Golden Road’s aspirational spirit and persistence, forming a connection with LA natives through these mutual values. Print and out-of-home feature Golden Road’s unique interpretation of pop art. Bright colors, textures and patterns combine with bold headlines to evoke the brewery’s fun-loving, hard-working ethos.