A globally recognized hospitality brand, Fontainebleau is an icon of the golden age of Miami and a stylish, contemporary resort destination. Our partnership with Fontainebleau Resorts began in 2007 with a series of digital initiatives in support of a billion-dollar relaunch of the Miami Beach landmark property. The work includes digital strategy, multiple websites, digital signage and a social media campaign.


The website captures Fontainebleau’s style while giving potential guests an easy way to discover amenities, explore the resort’s rich history, and make room, spa, and restaurant reservations from one convenient location. Our proprietary content management system enables Fontainebleau to easily control what appears on all of its digital platforms from a single location.

iFB Property Platform

The iFB platform enables guests to use in-room iMacs to find resort information, explore local attractions, make reservations, order room service, and browse the web.

Digital Signage

The digital wayfinding system helps visitors discover amenities and find their way around the property via touchscreen maps placed throughout the resort. Digital leaderboards and meeting room signs provide up-to-the-minute information within the resort’s conference center, all controlled by a central content management system.

Stage Social Campaign

To generate buzz around the property’s relaunch, the FB Stage online campaign captures inspiring user-generated stories from Fontainebleau’s rich 50-year history. During the first week of the campaign, thousands of users submitted photos and stories spanning Fontainebleau’s rich 50-year history. Users can browse by time and theme to find stories that interest them.