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Now in its 11th year, the World Graphic Design Foosball Championship remains the most irreverent and unique competitive event for designers in New York, encompassing dozens of two-person teams from agencies across the city. For the first time ever, VSA Partners will join the fray at this year’sWGDFC, Thursday, November 13.

Started in 2004 by design firm karlssonwilker with 23 teams and one table, the double elimination bracket tournament has grown each year with more and more teams vying for the legendary one-legged trophy. Its scale is so large, the WGDFC now has sponsors (including Adobe, NYC Foosball and Puma) and a space at the Cooper Union’s Herb Lubalin Gallery to hold an ever-growing mass of spectators.

VSA will be represented twice: by a team of Laura Beale, Senior Designer, and Ilgen Sezer, Designer; and by a team of Chris Bystrom, Associate Partner, and Dee Dee Katchen, Executive Assistant and Office Coordinator. The Bystrom-Katchen team looks forward to testing their reputations as the office foosball ringers. Katchen said, “my parents had a foosball table so I played very often. When I worked on senior staff at summer camp several years ago, I was the reigning champ!” And Bystrom reported that his year so far in New York is “the first time I’ve lived without foosball.” Both teams will see cheering support from a number of additional VSAers in the audience.

Unless you have motion sickness, visit the WGDFC11 site for more details. The tournament begins at 6:00 pm on November 13, when Beale, Bystrom, Katchen and Sezer will unveil their highly anticipated team names and compete for the Special Superficial Surface Triple S award for best team outfits. The tournament’s cheering section is open to the public; we encourage all to come out and cheer for VSA—or your second-favorite firm.

Trophy photo courtesy of Swiss Miss.