VSA’s UX team speaks at World IA Day

VSA’s Isaiah Andrew and David Zerlin will be speaking at World IA Day New York and World IA Day Chicago on February 21.

World IA Day is a one-day annual conference that joins together a global community of information-lovers and sense-makers in order to foster ideas about and advance the practice of Information Architecture. This year’s conference, with theme “Architecting Happiness,” will be held in 24 countries and 38 cities. VSA will be participating with a community of like-minded professionals and enthusiasts who share the common goal of teaching, learning and shaping the future of Information Architecture.

Andrew, director of UX in VSA’s New York office, will be leading a talk called “Creating Enjoyable Disruption in Legacy Environments.” He will share his involvement with IBM Global Design Studios, specifically delving into his experiences in Tokyo and London to help transform IBM’s approach to digital sales enablement, client engagement and opportunity progression. Andrew will share the challenges, adventures and awkward moments that went hand in hand with creating what he describes as “enjoyable disruption” within one of the world’s largest and longest-standing technology companies.

Also working with IBM, Zerlin, director of UX Architecture in VSA’s Chicago office, will be leading a talk titled “404 Moment of Truth: Rethinking ibm.com’s 404 Error Page.” Zerlin’s team investigated ways to transform the ibm.com 404 page into an engagement and revenue driver. The team realized encountering a 404 page represented a “moment of truth” for users—and an opportunity to show commitment at a time when users are actively seeking engagement. Zerlin will share VSA’s approach and the unique way in which the team helped IBM further connect with consumers.