VSA’s Scott Munn turns code into change at WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place June 2-6 in San Francisco, and VSA Partners’ Associate Director, Development Scott Munn was there—one of the 5,000 developers (plus 1,000 Apple engineers) selected from a giant global lottery to attend. Demand for tickets is always remarkable—for last year’s WWDC, the 5,000 developer tickets sold out in 71 seconds—due to the conference’s extremely high profile.

Apple’s slogan for this year’s conference, “Write the code, change the world,” proved to be a truthful line for what the company’s creating this year, both directly and indirectly. Presentations around HealthKit, an iOS-based technology that allows health and fitness apps to use all manner of iPhone data for more accurate and detailed health records, inspired Munn: “Apple is showing a moral responsibility to use technology in a helpful, beneficial way, and making the phones not only for communication and entertainment, but also a centerpiece of your well-being. It’s inspiring for companies to create a more valuable, genuine experience for their customers.”

Another big part of WWDC was the announcement of the Swift programming language, an example of a native language, which offers a superior set of capabilities over web-based languages and allows developers to write code and see the results instantly in an on-screen “playground.” “It’ll be far easier to learn programming,” Munn predicted, “because it’s the only language with a built-in educational concept. I can easily see that being taught to everyone going forward, even grade school-aged kids.

“For clients, native iOS development delivers a superior experience,” said Munn. “IT and performance are part of your brand now; if you have an app that doesn’t work very well, it tarnishes your brand. It’s a different set of guidelines and designs from our traditional work; this kind of knowledge brings VSA forward and expands our capabilities.”

Videos of sessions from WWDC are now available to download or stream; you can also read about iOS8 and HealthKit today, as well as other announcements and technologies from WWDC. To see the future of app development, Munn recommends studying this year’s winners of the Apple Design Awards, announced at the conference. And look out for more information about iOS8 as its release approaches this fall.