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VSA’s “Kleenex. Someone Needs One” Campaign Named Finalist at 2016 OMMAs


VSA is honored to be a finalist in two categories for the 2016 MediaPost OMMA Awards for the “Kleenex. Someone Needs One” commercial program. The program was named a finalist in both the Viral Campaign and Health/Wellness Campaign categories.

“Kleenex. Someone Needs One” was the turning point for a brand stuck in a 15-year category decline. The issue: Once-loyal Kleenex tissue users were questioning the product’s value—They only saw Kleenex as something to wipe their noses with, and for that they could use almost anything. We needed to win these consumers over again by embedding a new meaning into the Kleenex brand.

This campaign set out to prove that Kleenex isn’t just a tissue; it’s a gesture of care. To do so, we gathered a band of unlikely brand ambassadors from around the country and told their stories on Facebook via a series of online filmed vignettes. Using a first-to-market Facebook partnership, we leveraged users’ status updates to unlock social interests and mood data, which allowed the right video to be seen by the right user at the right time. This unique data collection and audience targeting allowed our Kleenex videos to reach an optimal amount of specified viewers, forming a highly-strategic media plan unlike any other.

The entire integrated program featured online content, TV and OOH, while the videos drove social engagement and increased positive perception of the Kleenex brand. From the program’s run time, June through December 2015, the videos yielded 25.9MM digital shares and, actual sales exceeded expectations by 5.1 times.

VSA would like to recognize and congratulate the entire team who helped develop and execute this program, including Mindshare, Facebook Creative Shop, Ketchum, Geometry Global, VIMBY and VML.

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