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VSA’s Kleenex Campaign Named an Effie Silver Winner


VSA is excited to announce that the “Kleenex. Someone Needs One.” campaign has been named a Silver winner in the Home Supplies & Services category of this year’s North American Effie Awards. The integrated campaign, which ran in the U.S. and Canada from June through December 2015, dramatically boosted Kleenex’s reach, perception and business growth. 

For nearly 15 years, Kleenex along with its competitors, had been seeing consistent year-over-year category decline. The reason: People saw no purpose for tissues beyond wiping their nose when they had a cold, and for that, they could use anything—toilet paper, generic tissues, paper towels or even the back of their hands. The brand needed to overcome customers’ perception that it was only useful when they were sick and it needed to demonstrate its value over alternatives.

VSA uncovered a simple truth that in a category where everyone talked about “soft and strong,” Kleenex needed to change the conversation and reach customers through a more emotional message. Kimberly-Clark decided to reposition Kleenex from a mere cold-and-flu wipe to an everyday “gesture of care.”

We brought Kleenex to life as “a gesture of care” through an innovative take on OOH, TV spots, and a pioneering partnership with Facebook. The tagline, “Kleenex. Someone Needs One.” drove the commercial program, which included:

-A first-to-market Facebook campaign that delivered online video stories of care to viewers at the most timely and relevant moments.
-A unique “Careboard”—a custom billboard made up of ready-to-use Kleenex boxes—that spelled out encouraging messages.
-Two TV commercials that featured spontaneous moments of care, inspiring people to act.
-A revamped website where users could send digital care messages via an online Careboard.
-On-pack stickers that enabled consumers to include a care message directly on-pack when sharing tissues.
-Monthly national FSIs, digital coupons, and on-receipt offers that spurred product purchase.

During the six-month run, the program produced outstanding results—notably increasing sales, social engagement, and perception over expectations. 

A big congratulations to the entire team, including VSA Partners, Mindshare, Ketchum, Geometry, VIMBY and VML.