VSA’s identity for Mack Trucks makes Under Consideration’s “Best of 2014”


Every year, Under Consideration, a popular graphic design website, publishes a juried list of the year’s “Best-ofs” in corporate identity design. We are honored that, this past year, VSA’s work for Mack Trucks made the list.

“The Mack identity represents the kind of work that we hold dear, so the fact that it has struck a chord with others in the industry is very gratifying,” says Jamie Koval, partner at VSA. “Mack is one of America’s most iconic brands. Its history, grit and need for true authenticity made creating this brand expression system a thrilling experience for the team.”

In a category filled with artificial chrome badges, Mack has always represented the real deal. But the brand needed greater clarity. Its logo, a bulldog symbol that had stood proudly on the hood of every Mack since the 1930s, was a meaningful place to start. In VSA’s new iteration, the bulldog has his eyes fixed confidently on the road ahead—an image that conveys the original spirit of Mack, with an eye to the future.

Under Consideration originally reviewed the new Mack logo in March, 2014, calling it “a perfect match for the shapes of the trucks, the idea of trucking, and the influence of the company.” The latest story commended the logo’s “unapologetically bold typography” and “solid-as-steel bulldog icon,” concluding that the identity was “truly truck-y.”

VSA appeared on this list among some of the best in the business (Divvy, Airbnb and nine other brands were included). If you would like to learn more about how this new identity came to be, our full Mack Trucks Case Study—including more images—can be found here.