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VSAers Win Cannes Young Lions Award


This year, the U.S. Cannes Young Lions awards teamed up with Variety — The Children’s Charity to bolster support for the organization’s Freedom Program. The competition invited teams of two to submit creative touch points that spread the word about the program to Millennials, with the ultimate goal of driving up donations from this key group. Young Sun Compton and Stephanie Kim, two VSAers, took 3rd place in the Print category.

Young Sun and Stephanie submitted one ad that would act as a call to action. It ties together print, out-of-home and mobile social media platforms to command a much larger share of Millennials’ attention.

“We wanted to augment our simple print ad with Snapchat’s capacity for interactivity,” Stephanie explains. “The astronaut filter allows the user to place the child in a variety of scenes, showing the transformative power of mobility.” To Young Sun, the ad drives home a real connection between the public and Variety, smartly encouraging them to act. “It was less about the astronaut and more about the interaction. The interaction turns an abstract idea into something that is happening to you and to the child. We felt like this creates empathy in a way that may be forgotten once you’ve passed a static billboard or turned the page on a print ad.”

Clearly, the Young Lions’ judges agree — hats off to the clever marriage between print and social media that taps right into the Millennial lifestyle.