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VSAers Karen Semone, Scott Theisen and Andrew Falconer Teach Us How to “Fail Fast” at Chicago Ideas Week


Each fall, Chicago Ideas Week celebrates thought leadership within various industries, with speakers ranging from Hillary Clinton to George Lucas and Martha Stewart. This year, the ideating festival will take place from October 17-23, and includes presentations, workshops and panels for any area of interest. VSA has been chosen to host one of this year’s Chicago Ideas Week labs to share why we believe in “failing fast”.

VSA is excited to welcome event members and attendees to our office to participate in the “Fail Fast” lab on Oct. 17 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.. During this lab, VSA’s Content Practice Lead Karen Semone, Creative Director Scott Theisen and Development Lead Andrew Falconer will draw from new methodologies in app development to teach attendees how failing fast can maximize learning.

“The idea of failing can have a negative connotation. But to VSAers, taking on a project and feeling comfortable with ‘failing fast’–and learning from it–helps us to really maximize our efficiency,” shared Andrew Falconer, Associate Partner and Development Lead at VSA. “The practice of building quick ideas, and then testing them in an as real as possible scenario, guides us to the better solutions significantly faster, as we learn what ideas to avoid and what ideas to build on.”

This immersive workshop focuses on quickly generating straw man ideas and solutions—A practice that will teach participants how making mistakes early on in the design of a user interface or experience leads to bigger and better solutions.

Visit Chicago Ideas Week to learn more or attend the workshop.