VSA tees up CME Group growth through new worldwide commercial

CME Group launched its new television commercial, “Global Reach,” on October 3, featuring Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, LPGA champion Brittany Lincicome and Lincicome’s famously long drive. VSA Partners conceived and directed the spot, a milestone in the company’s long-term global branding campaign begun in 2011. “Global Reach” expands the CME Group brand by demonstrating the opportunities available to worldwide customers at all levels, from the individual to the corporate multinational, to manage risk and drive growth.

Most of the spot was filmed in New York City, with Branson’s scene filmed in San Diego. Branson was the closing keynote speaker at the 2012 Global Financial Leadership Conference, the flagship conference on economic issues, emerging geopolitical trends and future developments in finance, presented by CME Group.

“VSA was able to take a challenging request and craft an artful and clever commercial,” said Anita Liskey, managing director of corporate marketing and communications at CME Group. “This new spot fits very well with our overall global message and allows us to reach new audiences.”

Timed to GFLC 2013, happening this week in Naples, FL, VSA helped CME Group launch a new portal on the futures industry to educate lawmakers, reporters and the public. Futures Fundamentals explains futures in everyday language and discusses their impacts on food prices, gas prices, mortgage rates and more. Together, the “Global Reach” spot and the Futures Fundamentals site further demonstrate CME Group’s capabilities and opportunities for engaging current and future customers.

You can view the spot above, or see a collection of CME Group case studies at VSA’s Work section. And watch a brief video of Lincicome celebrating the spot’s launch by hosting a golf clinic the Washington Irving Elementary School in Chicago.