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Press release

VSA redesigns the Journal of the American Medical Association


A year in the making, VSA Partners’ landmark redesign of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) was unveiled in the recent July 7 issue. With its first redesign in more than 14 years, the journal utilized many of VSA’s multidisciplinary team members, including information architects to develop layout wireframes and content strategists to reorganize the journal’s content types.

VSA worked closely with American Medical Association leaders to create a stronger reader experience and help medical professionals to generate insights more quickly. Among the most visible updates is a change to the JAMA cover, featuring text orienting the reader and replacing the journal’s iconic use of fine art. The redesign also helps visitors access information more quickly at the journal’s digital platforms with a redesigned JAMA Network website. And beyond JAMA, the 10 specialty journals across the JAMA Network have been redesigned to match the flagship publication.

“The goal of the redesign was to create a more welcoming and readable journal, but at the same time maintain JAMA’s high publication standards,” said Howard Bauchner, MD, editor in chief of the JAMA Network. “We could not have found a better partner in VSA. They listened, they proposed, they listened again, they modified, and then presented us with marvelous options.”

See the first issues of the newly redesigned JAMA online at the JAMA Network website or register to download the updated JAMA Network Reader Web App.