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VSA Partners Launches Podcast, AI+Design


Today, VSA Partners launches its podcast AI+Design. The series will explore how technologists, marketers and designers should be thinking about and designing for the new evolution of consumer experience.

“The era of AI is not in the future; it is now. Brands and companies are diving in—or trying to figure out how to apply it to their business—and AI+Design will lead valuable conversations on how to effectively design for today’s AI experiences,” shared Scott Theisen, Associate Partner and Interaction Design Lead at VSA and podcast host. “Machine learning and AI are becoming more advanced and critical for marketers. The conversation needs to be shifted from what we’re making, to how and why we’re making it. That’s what we’re setting out to do.”

The series will feature guests across the technology, marketing and design fields. Airing today, the first episode focuses on approaches to conversational UI, sitting down with technologist and architect, Cory Clarke, and Max Fresen, Co-Founder and Partner from Born AI.

“The world is beginning to see more and more adaptations of AI—from sentiment-based emojis to voice-based interactions—and consumers are experiencing  interactions once thought to be completely sci-fi,” shared Theisen. “I see AI as a new medium for design, with vastly different design considerations and opportunities. We wanted to create a forum for technologists, creatives, designers and marketers to openly discuss and explore the future of AI through the lens of design—that was really the impetus for the podcast.”

Episode 1 is available via:

iTunes Podcasts

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The podcast series complements VSA’s AI+Design Medium channel, which the agency started earlier this fall. Those with questions, suggested topics or interested in being a guest can email Morgan Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications at VSA.