VSA Partners Launches AI+Design Publication

VSA Partners has launched AI+Design, a new publication shared through Medium. The site will feature op-eds, open discussions and original podcasts about the state of artificial intelligence and design, and how these two powerful forces come together to make a better human experience.

“The world is beginning to see more and more adaptations of AI—from sentiment-based emojis to digital friends—and experience it in ways once thought to be completely sci-fi,” shared Cory Clarke, Partner and Technology Lead at VSA. “Everyone needs to be thinking about how to design for these evolving AI experiences in order to make them more effective, efficient and enjoyable, but designers and technologists really need to be thinking about how to design with AI, and how AI could make their work more effective.”

Designed to serve as a discussion forum for both brands and agencies, the channel will be populated with content that explores where the future of AI and design is headed and what this means for company and consumer alike. Initial launch will feature regular posting of employee-authored articles and will soon expand to offer podcasts with field experts.

“We’ve launched AI+Design on Medium since it’s a perfect outlet to openly discuss an emerging trend,” said Morgan Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications at VSA. “Our contributors will come from various backgrounds, industries and expertise, but they all share a mutual curiosity for the changes we are seeing in design, AI and business.”

Learn more about the impetus for AI+Design in the first article on Medium.