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VSA Leads Agile Brainstorming at Miami Ad School


For the second consecutive year, VSA will lead an Agile brainstorm workshop at Miami Ad School. The course, which will take place on April 26th and 27th, focuses on the power of combining design-thinking and Agile methodology to develop more effective and creative solutions.

The goal: identify the problem-solving “big idea” earlier on. The first day of the workshop introduces attendees to the concepts of Agile and design-thinking and demonstrates how the two can combine to inspire faster, more efficient problem-solving. On day two, the class will put these concepts to the test, using design-thinking to better understand the problem, and Agile methodology to quickly generate and prototype strawman ideas.

“Design thinking, as a means of user-centric problem-solving, is a set of tools for coming up with ideas that are grounded in insights and user needs. Agile is the perfect complement to that as it is a means of user-centric making,” shared workshop co-leader and Partner, Technology Lead Cory Clarke. “Through Agile methods, we’re able to take the ideas that come out of a design-thinking approach and iteratively test and adapt those ideas directly with users in-market.”

The workshop is geared toward professionals of various fields, including advertising, technology and startups. Learn more about the course, or register now.