VSA Helps The White House Create Spark Global Entrepreneurship Brand

The Obama Administration is taking another step forward in its goal to elevate global entrepreneurship. In a press conference Monday, Obama announced the Spark Global Entrepreneurship initiative that builds on the past five years of enhanced support for entrepreneurship and economic opportunity around the world. Spark Global Entrepreneurship will inspire $1 billion in new private investments over the next three years for entrepreneurs worldwide, with a specific interest in women and youth entrepreneurs.

With such a strong new message to convey, The White House turned to a team of trusted marketing and design leaders, including VSA’s CEO Dana Arnett, to help tell the story behind the initiative and create the brand. The group gathered in November 2014 to help craft a narrative and identity that would translate on a global scale while upholding the spirit of empowering small business. In the end, the final logo design for Spark Global Entrepreneurship was created by VSA.

VSA’s past client experiences were excellent preparation for this challenge. “Our work on the NATO Summit, public and private ventures, and the highly successful 1871 brand here in Chicago provided great insight for our team,” says Arnett. “One thing VSA is known for is creating identities for established and start-up brands. That certainly helped fuel our thinking and creative approach on this project.”

VSA is enthusiastic about continuing work with the Administration, being involved with Spark Global Entrepreneurs, and lending support to the spirit of entrepreneurship on a global level. To learn more about Spark Global Entrepreneurship click here.