#LightningProof: VSA’s solution for banned Blackhawks jerseys for fans in Tampa

At VSA, we pride ourselves on leveraging design to solve business problems. Most of us also bleed Chicago sports. And, once in a while, these two passions intersect. Recently, a few of us found ourselves pondering a pressing problem: How can we, as hardcore Blackhawks fans, support our team without letting the new Tampa Bay Lightning “Playoff Policy” stand in our way?

The policy states that opposing team apparel cannot be worn in the club section of the arena. What’s a self-respecting Hawks fan to do?

VSA Partner and Executive Creative Director Bob Winter along with Senior Designer Steev Szafranski decided to take matters into their own hands, designing an, er, “Lightning-proof” shirt for Blackhawks fans across the nation. “If Tampa isn’t going to let us wear actual Blackhawks apparel to the game, then we might as well have some fun with it,” said Szafranski.

The shirt has the word “Blackhawks” stamped out and replaced with the words, “Let’s go hockey team from the Midwest with a logo that has a guy with feathers in his hair whose name rhymes with Smackhawks.”

Want to be ready for the next game? Purchase your own here for $22 (10% of sales go to Blackhawks Charities)

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