Oh yeah! VSA holds popular Social Media Week event on Kool-Aid

As part of the highly popular Social Media Week, held September 23–27 in eight cities worldwide, VSA Partners’ Chicago office hosted an event spotlighting our work for Kraft Foods’ Kool-Aid brand, “Oh Yeah! Reactivating a Brand in the Social Media Age.”

Creative Director Josh Witherspoon, Director of Strategy Nick Cavet and Director of Technology John Fisher walked the audience through case studies of projects, including Liquid Dance and the Kool-Aid Man Photobomb App, which presented the Kool-Aid brand as a series of “happy disruptions.” The team presented strategy, creative options and metrics across multiple social media channels.

Following the case studies, VSA convened a panel to discuss trends within and relationships between brands, advertising and social media. Panelists included Tiffany Tamplin, Senior Director, Refreshment Beverages at Kraft Foods; Sam Wehrs, Client Partner, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook; Rick Meacham, Vice President of Partnership Development at Loud Door; and Tracy Jensen, freelance writer and marketing professional at ChiMomWriter.com. The panel was moderated by VSA’s Pat Palmer, Partner and Strategy & Analytics Lead in the Consumer Marketing Practice. “Participation in the panel was time well-spent,” said Wehrs. “The chance to discuss key areas in the social space, with a diverse group of experts, is essential to our success as an industry.”

A one of a kind Kool-Aid Photobomb gallery showing the best of the best photobombed photos—which itself was photobombed—greeted attendees as they entered VSA’s office. The audience also enjoyed a Kool-Aid mixing station, featuring Kool-Aid Jammers, Kool-Aid Liquid Drink Mix and Kool-Aid Drink Mixes in six delicious flavors. Attendees raved about the event and appreciated the opportunity to dive deep into the Kool-Aid brand’s online resurgence.

You can play the Liquid Dance app, download the Photobomb App or follow Kool-Aid and the Kool-Aid Man on Facebook today. Cavet and Tamplin, along with Loud Door CEO David Guy, will present the Kool-Aid case study at this year’s Pivot Conference in New York on October 15. And stay tuned for the next Social Media Week, happening in 10 cities worldwide, February 2014.